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2019-05-22Wuxi leaf in rawls·Royce(..
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2019-02-15Set off firecrackers Sending a red envelope The way the dream-seeker leaf..
2018-03-23Hui mountain visit business bureau leadership
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Wuxi leaf in rawls·Royce(Rolls-Royce)2018Reliable delivery excellence award
5Month8Day,Rawls held in Nottingham·Royce company(Rolls-Royce)2019The annual global aerospace supplier conference,WTBWith excellent project performance in recent years,Stand out from the global suppliers,Was named lolo company201 8 Reliable delivery excellence award( Trusted to Deliver Excellence Awar..
About us
  Wuxi turbine blade co., LTD(WTB) Was built in1979Years,Is Shanghai electric(Group)The core of the corporation's state-owned holding listed companies。Company's main business for plant leaf and aviation forging technology development and manufacturing,Is a leading energy and aerospace field、The global well-known high-end power component suppliers。
  The company is located in no XiHui mountain economic development zone,Take up little...
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